Dr. Ravi Razz


Dr. Ravi Razz Known by the world as CEO and founder Minorstudy Pvt. Ltd. Which is an edu-Tech company and basically I am an Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Social Activist, & youtuber, blogger, affiliate marketer and online entrepreneur etc.

And I love writing, teaching, travelling blah blah, though I prefer myself as an Executioner and Learner. I began my journey as a Businessman who is passionate about serving people with one thing that we all curiosity to know about something new.

So we start basically to share the knowledge to shape and size the mindset of our upcoming generation for a better tomorrow.

Being a Startup founder with no resources and connections, I had to motivate myself along with a friend, co-founder, my team, and mostly within myself. That’s how this journey as a motivational speaker began for me. Apart from this, I also had to reach out to my father with the help of these platforms.

Telling my story makes me realise how so many of us have the same dream. To do something different. To build something unique.

Hopefully you know me either willing to know me and my journey more. To learn something together. Reach out to me through my below social media handles!

Some of my quotes are given below to shape and re- size your mindset to reach the unique steps in your life.

1) when you are ready to make the bond with failure, then you are riding towards the way of success.

2) Affection is true love for somebody but perfection is love for everybody.

3) if you are teaching with great gratitude and respect everyone then you are creating a greater & better generations.

4) You are so close to victory so, don’t give up. And Failure is an event not a person’s or options.

5) self believe and consistency makes you persistence to your dream come true.

6) self believe and consistency to your hard work on yourself makes you persistence for better version of yourself.

7) your thoughts are better than cure, if you push up yourself towards better tomorrow.

8) wheather you win or lose, always you have to be grateful, then you will learn that win or lose both are priceless and important part of our life.

9) You are the choice of yourself, so choose the better choice.

10) Never blame on yourself, protect your peace and move on everything will fall on your place.

11) Knowledge becomes more powerful when we transfer it from one another with great gratitude.

12) Life is sometimes unfair but when you learn from it. I think that it’s worth it, to become sometimes unfair.

13) Everyone is dealing with somethings so
We just have to love other people for what they are and have and I think from now we should learn from him and just live like we are never going to die.

14) Just believe, Dream and put yourself into hardships then anything is possible.

15) We are the assets of better tomorrow. So groom yourself with the better version of yourself for better India. Not by the success only but along with the failure are the real players of life.

16) We are the shift of our own thoughts, so Happiness is according to the interests of our own particular thoughts.